Nathan Sakoetoe

I am a 19 year old front end developer, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I'm currently studying computer science. When I'm not in school I spend my time freelancing crafting awesome web and IOS applications.


March - November

Front end developer at

... and more freelance projects.

Recent Projects is a website where you can explore new movies and tv shows. MovieBrowzr is using the TMDB and YTS api to get torrents for the selected movie or tv show.

Mijn Rooster

'Mijn Rooster' (my timetable) is one of my first projects for the iPhone. I created the application because my school didn't had a working website or app where I could easily manage or see my school schedule for the day.

Still want to know more?

The Dutch Police and the Ministry of Security Justice

The Dutch Police and the Ministry of Security Justice tried to innovate their systems and the way they interact to the youth alot, but without any success. On the 7th november 2014 the Dutch Police and the Ministry of Security Justice held a hackathon to bring new ideas alive for their old systems. Together with 26 young and innovative people we tried to find a solution for their problems. After 24 hours of hacking my team did win the hackathon with an app that lowers the barrier of reporting suspicious activities in your area to the police.

The tax authority

The Dutch Tax Authority organized a hackathon with the question 'how to make filling your income tax more attractive'. Together with 3 other people we created a iPad app which made it possible to fill in your tax income within a few steps. Unfortunately we didn't win the hackathon. But in the great environment and surrounded by great people with the same interessert I did learn alot.


Hyves held a hackathon and invited 24 young and talented people to think about how we could make Hyves the populiar network in The Netherlands again. At that point Hyves was losing alot of users to Facebook. Unfortunately all teams failed because Hyves stopped on october 31 2013 due the low visitors.

Tax Museum

The Tax Museum held a hackathon to gain ideas to make the Tax Museum more attractive for teenagers. I created a tool that scanned the paintings and tools in the museum and displayed information on top of them using augmented reality.

I'm always free to discuss a project or idea you might be brewing, have a chat about programming or just give advice when needed so don't hesitate to e-mail or tweet me if you have any questions.